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  • Sharanya Kannan

An athlete’s turn to social media: to follow or not to follow?

As we already know, detraining can push an athlete to jeopardy. The onus to not allow it to happen rests on the collective efforts by coaches, teammates and social contacts, who can motivate each other to keep up the rote of home training. The world is truly connected virtually in, present day. Athletes need not be left behind as they can also virtually connect with other staff members, management, psychologists, physiotherapists, doctors and sports nutritionists for online training sessions.

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Video conferences and informative content in the form of videos can also provide the necessary guidance and spirit to keep up the game. Social media caters to every person’s palette. An athlete may find numerous relevant videos across the platforms which oblige with training insights. They range from how best to train at home, the skill required and how to prepare for it alongside the inside stories of challenges faced by fellow athletes and how they overcome those. These videos give constructive feedback supporting athletes to ensure progress even during this period.

Alternatively, athletes may also use this time during home confinement to reach out to fans and followers. This engagement may help with building and enhancing one’s brand image. This interaction can be made helpful by providing an athlete’s acumen to those interested in how best to keep fit and healthy, while at home. Athletes posting on social media may also choose to bring awareness to followers. They can also educate fellow athletes on the harmful effects of detraining. Both of which are very easy for anyone to slip into during the confinement period.

An athlete’s zeal to stay on top of the game is not an easy undertaking. Thus, finding pockets of motivation in every small act is the only way forward while living in such tough times. Social media campaigns acts as a two-way road as it not only helps fellow mates, staff and followers to hear from athletes, but also helps the athletes themselves to stay grounded, keep focus and not lose track of goals during this isolation.

Over the period of next week, we at ATIUM will help you with the dos and don’ts during the COVID-19 second lockdown. So that you do not lose shape, focus and your athletic ability to perform when things are back to normal.

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